Procedure to Repair or Replace

1. ISDS Licensed Designer

Upon notice that your septic system needs to be repaired or replaced, you must hire a RI Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) licensed designer to complete an ISDS design. There are different grades of licensed designers. The extent of your ISDS repair or replacement will determine the license grade of designer you will need. Find a list of licensed designers (PDF).

3 Classes of Designers

  1. Class I - Licensed to design repairs to existing conventional and alternative ISDSs with design flows less than 900 gallons per day.
  2. Class II - Licensed to design a repair or alteration to, or a new conventional or alternative, residential ISDS with a design flow less than 2,000 gallons per day or a commercial ISDS with design flow less than 900 gallons per day.
  3. Class III - Licensed to design any ISDS provided for under the RIDEM regulation.

2. RIDEM Permit

Once the ISDS design is completed by your designer, it must be submitted to RIDEM for a permit. (Pipes outside of the leach field, distribution boxes, baffles or tees can be repaired by a licensed designer or installer without a permit.)

3. CRMC Assent

Properties located within a coastal feature or a Special Area Management Plan may require an Assent (permit) from the Coastal Resources Management Council. Your designer will be able to tell you if a CRMC Assent will be required.

4. Copy to the Town

Please forward a copy of your approved permit(s) to the Town's Onsite Wastewater Management Office.

5. Licensed Installer

Once your ISDS design has been approved by RIDEM and CRMC (when required) you will need a RIDEM licensed installer. The licensed installer is typically an excavating contractor who will excavate your septic system and repair or replace it in accordance with the RIDEM Permit / CRMC Assent. Find a list of licensed installers (PDF).

6. RIDEM Certificate of Conformance

Once your ISDS repair or replacement has been completed, please forward a copy of the RIDEM Certificate of Conformance to the Town's Onsite Wastewater Management office.

7. Future Inspections

You will receive an inspection notice from the Town's Onsite Wastewater Management office approximately 3 years from the date of your ISDS repair / replacement Certificate of Conformance.

8. Financial Assistance

Low interest loans are available to property owners for the repair or replacement of their ISDS system. Call the South Kingstown Onsite Wastewater Management office at 401-789-9331, ext. 2250 for more information.

Note: This information is provided as a general guideline only. The regulatory agency for ISDS systems in Rhode Island is RIDEM. Contact RIDEM at 401-222-6800 and/or CRMC at 401-783-3370 for detailed rules, regulations and procedures.