Subdivision & Land Development Regulations

All subdivision, land development project, and development plan review is governed by Rhode Island General Laws Chapter 45-23, the Town of South Kingstown Zoning Ordinance, and the Town's Subdivision and Land Development Regulations

Click below to access each Article of the Regulations.  For assistance with interpretation, please contact the Planning Department at (401) 789-9331 x1244.  Hard copies of the Regulations can be purchased for $7.00 by contacting the Planning Department.

I.   Authority and Intent
A.  Authority
B.  Purpose
C.  Construction and Intent
D.  Effective Date
E.  Vested Rights - Continuation of Prior Regulations
II. Definitions
III. General Requirements
A.  General Requirements
B.  Phasing of Major Land Developments & Major Subdivisions
C.  Land Unsuitable for Development
D.  Dedication of Land for Public Purposes
E.  Environmental Impact Statement
F.   Inclusionary Zoning
IV. Special Requirements
A.  Flexible Design Residential Projects
B.  Residential Compounds
C.  Minor Subdivisions Involving No Street Creation or Extension
D.  Minor Subdivisions Involving Street Creation or Extension
E.  Land Development Projects
F.  Development Plan Review
G.  Landscaping - General Standards and Specifications
H.  Multi-Houshold Dwellings
I.    Design Standards for Inclusionary Dwelling Units in Major Subdivisions and Major       Land Development Projects
V. Procedure for Review and Approval of Plats and Plans
A.  General Requirements
B.  Certification of a Complete Application
C.  Procedure for Approval
D.  Precedence of Approvals Between Planning Board and Other Local Permitting      Authorities
VI. Recording of Plats and Plans
A.  Signing and Recording of Plats and Plans
B.  Changes to Recorded Plats and Plans
C.  Changes to Approved Institutional Master Plan
VII. Guarantees of Public Improvements
A.  Definition and Purpose
B.  General Procedures
C.  Procedures for Financial Guarantees
VIII. Waivers and Modifications
A.  Waiver of Development Plan Approval (reserved)
B.  Waiver or Modification of Regulations
C.  Reinstatement of Regulations
D.  Decisions on Waivers and Modifications
IX. Enforcement and Penalties
A.  Violations
B.  Penalties for Violations
C.  Injunctive Relief
X. Adoption and Amendment of Regulations
XI. Administration of the Regulations and Amendments
A.  The Administrative Officer
B.  The Technical Review Committee
C.  The Planning Board of Appeal
D.  Administrative Fees
E.  Meetings, Votes, Decisions, and Records
XII. Appeals
A.  Procedure for Appeals to the Planning Board of Appeal
B.  Public Hearings on Appeals to the Planning Board of Appeal
C.  Appeals to the Superior Court
XIII. Design and Public Improvement Standards
A.  General
B.  Street Design Standards
C.  Lot Design Standards
D.  Drainage
E.  Utilities
F.  Erosion and Sediment Control
G.  Site Design
H.  Off-site Improvements
I.   Areas of Special Flood Hazard
J.  General COnstruction Procedures
K.  Incentives for Waiver or Modification
XIV. Construction Methods and Specifications
A.  Specifications
B.  Soil Erosion and Sediment Control
XV. Forms and Checklists