Social Services

Community Information Specialist

Our Community Information Specialist is responsible for assisting older consumers and their families in accessing available services, programs, and benefits. She provides valuable and useful information and education on a wide variety of services and programs available within the state.
Jill Cogean-Creamer is our Community Information Specialist. You can reach Jill by calling our main phone number: 401-789-0268 or by

Social Services Case Manager

Our Case Manager is also available to work with our participants on a more in-depth and individualized basis to provide assistance and offer guidance. She has a wealth of experience and can help establish a "plan of action" to address your concerns.

The Case Manager can also assist in the determination of consumer eligibility in the form of screening for such assistance and shall advocate for the rights of all consumers.

Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP)

SHIP counselors also assist local older residents and their families in accessing available services, programs and benefits through the provision of valuable information and education.

SHIP counselors provide useful health insurance information and education. They provide assistance to older adults with assessing and understanding health insurance problems, Medicare, supplemental insurance, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Medicaid.