National Accreditation

The Center has successfully completed the national accreditation process developed by the National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC), a constituent unit of the Washington-based National Council on the Aging. The accreditation extends through December of 2006. The Center was awarded re-accredited status by NISC through January, 2013.
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Self-Assessment Committee

This process began its initial phase in February of 2001, just 4 months after we opened the new facility, with the solicitation of interested community members to serve on a 'Self-Assessment Committee.' This committee, and its numerous sub-committees, met over a number of months, reviewed all operations and policies and established recommendations to address the requirements of the accreditation process.

Site Visit

In June of 2001, an accreditation application and supporting documentation was submitted to the NISC Accreditation Board for their review. The process culminated with a 2-day site visit from a peer reviewer trained by NISC to assess The Center's compliance with the requirements of the accreditation process on November 8-9, 2001.

After this site visit, the peer reviewer issued a 'Senior Center Accreditation Report.' Section I consisted of a summary report outlining The Center's compliance within 9 specific organizational and programmatic areas. Section II of the report consisted of a narrative providing an overview of The Center; including an exit interview and an outline of strengths and recommendations.

Peer Reviewer Remarks

In her Accreditation Report, the peer reviewer remarked, 'this center is absolutely gorgeous…well designed, nice layout, lovely décor, bright and airy, lots of windows, French doors, skylights, etc. What a wonderful place! I loved the 'internet café'…a café'-like ambiance with small tables along the perimeter of the room and 2 rows of individual computer stations. Under one roof…it uniquely offers a full complement of programs and services in a seamless operation.'

She further stated, "The participants are very proud of their Center and very happy with the programs and services being offered. This is an understatement, as it is difficult to capture their level of enthusiasm!"