Due Dates & Late Fees

Property Tax

Property tax bills are mailed once a year in early July with four, tear-off payment return stubs attached and may be paid quarterly as follows: 1st quarter is due on August 1, 2nd quarter is due on November 1st, 3rd quarter is due on February 1 and the 4th quarter is due May 1.


Wastewater (sewer) bills are mailed on or before September 15th and paid in 2 installments as follows: the 1st installment is due on October 15th and the 2nd installment is due on January 15th.


Water (water) bills are mailed on a quarterly basis as follows:
  • Quarter 1: Bill Date October 15th Due November 15 for period July 1 through September 30;
  • Quarter 2: Bill Date January 15th Due February 15 for period October 1 through December 31;
  • Quarter 3: Bill Date April 15th Due May 15 for period January 1 through March 31;
  • Quarter 4: Bill Date July 15th Due August 15 for period April 1 through June 30.


Each installment of taxes or utilities, if paid on or before the last day of each installment period successively and in order, shall be free from any charge for interest.  If installments are not paid before the first (1st) day of the next calendar month following the last date of the respective installment period or periods as they occur, then the whole tax or the utility bill or remaining unpaid balance of the tax or the utility bill as the case may be, shall immediately become due and payable and shall carry until collected a penalty at the rate of 12% from August 1 for taxes, from the quarterly due date for water and from October 15 for wastewater payments.  Upon payment of any and all delinquent quarterly installments together with interest accrued on the full unpaid balance of the tax or utility, the right to pay the remaining tax or utility bill on the installment basis will be reinstated.

Fire District

Fire District taxes are also due on real estate and personal property but not motor vehicles. These taxes are collected by the individual Fire Districts and not by the Town of South Kingstown. The 3 Fire Districts in the town are: Union Fire District (401-783-0617) and , Kingston Fire District (401-789-9131) and Indian Lake Shores Fire District (401-932-5538).
  1. Valerie Miller

    Tax Collector

  2. Tax Collection

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    180 High Street
    Wakefield, RI 02879

    Phone: (401) 789-9331 x1213
    Fax: (401) 788-9792