Employee Resources

The following forms and resources below are for use of town employees.  If you have any questions about how to complete any of the forms please contact the Personnel Administrator at 401-789-9331 X 1237.

Wellness Incentive Instructions, Forms, and Resources

FORM TITLE (Click to Access)
C94/ IBPO Wellness Incentive Instructions
Overview of the Wellness Incentive Program, application instructions, and information regarding qualifying activities.  
RI Trust Health Matters PortalDirect link to the RI Trust Health Matters portal.  You must be registered with the portal in order to qualify for the wellness incentive.  See the video below for more details.  
C94/IBPO Wellness Incentive Claim Form
Webform - Used for filing a claim for the wellness incentive.  Please note that supporting documents can be attached using the buttons at the bottom of the form.  
C94/IBPO Wellness Activity Participation FormWebform - Utilize this form to document your engagement in a qualifying wellness activity. This form must be submitted with the claims form in order to qualify for the stipend.  
C94/IBPO Wellness Activity Participation Form (Downloadable/ Printable)
Downloadable/ printable PDF version of the Wellness Activity Participation Form.  Use this option if you choose to fill out this form by hand or complete the form electronically, save and attach to you Wellness Claim Form.  
Wellness Incentive Claim Filing Explainer Video - How to file a Claim This video reviews how to complete the Wellness Incentive Claim Form, attach supporting documents, and submit electronically to claim the stipend.  
Wellness Stipend Qualifying Activities Explainer VideoThis video provides information about what wellness activities and events will be considered as qualifying for the wellness stipend.