Village at Curtis Corner

Major Land Development - Comprehensive Permit

Assessor's Plat 40-4, Lot 55 - Curtis Corner Road
The applicant is proposing to subdivide the existing parcel into twenty-four (24) parcels containing thirty-two (32) dwelling units. Of these, sixteen (16) lots are proposed for single-family development and the remaining eight (8) lots are proposed for duplex (two-household detached structure) development. The majority of these parcels will be accessed from a road to be constructed within the development except for two lots that will have frontage and access from Curtis Corner Road directly. Stormwater will be managed through several stormwater BMPs located at the entrance to the development off Curtis Corner and at the terminus of the proposed roadway. The Site is proposed to be serviced by public water and sewer and to be built in one (1) phase. With approximately 7.4 acres of developable land, current conventional zoning requirements would allow for up to eleven (11) lots and fourteen (14) dwelling units. The applicant is proposing this project as a Comprehensive Permit and requesting a density bonus of an additional eighteen (18) units for a total of thirty-two (32). 

Current Status:The current request for amendment to the previously approved plan will be heard by the Planning Board at their regular meeting on October 25, 2022.
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