Resident Information

  1. Contact Information / Directions

    Find directions to the Solid Waste and Recycling headquarters in South Kingstown.

  2. Licensed Waste Haulers (PDF)

    Download a list of private waste haulers licensed to operate within the Town.

  3. Recycling Brochure (PDF)

    Review a recycling brochure for information regarding South Kingstown's recycling opportunities.

  4. Schedule of Fees

    Find the fees associated with services provided through the Solid Waste Division.

  5. Solid Waste & Recycling Options

    Residents of South Kingstown have the option of contracting with a private hauler or taking their trash and recyclables to the Rose Hill Regional Transfer Station.

  6. Paint Flyer (PDF)

    This flyer contains information pertaining to the recycling of paints, bulbs and batteries.

  7. Mattress Disposal Flyer (PDF)

  8. Christmas Tree Recycling

    Disposal of Christmas Trees until January 31, 2017