Town Assessor

2021 Tax Rates

2021 Real Estate/Commercial/Personal Property 
(School $10.83/ Town $3.62)


2021 Motor Vehicle    

(School $14.03/ Town $4.68)


2022 Tax Rates

2022 Real Estate/Commercial/Personal Property 
(School $10.83/ Town $3.62)


2022 Motor Vehicle    

(School $14.03/ Town $4.68)


Please Note: This is the last year of the car phase out excise motor vehicle tax

Mission Statement


The mission of the Town Assessor’s Office is to provide for the orderly valuation of all real estate, motor vehicles, and tangible personal property located in the Town of South Kingstown. The primary objective of the Department is to discover, list, and value all taxable and exempt property, to ensure that assessments are made properly and uniformly, and that the tax roll, when completed, is a true and accurate account of all ratable property in the jurisdiction. 

Department Functions


The duties performed by the Town Assessor’s Office include, but are not limited to the following: 
  • Discover, list, and value all taxable and exempt real estate, vehicles, and tangible property 
  • Prepare an annual tax roll detailing a true and accurate account of all ratable property 
  • Coordinate all activities related to the 3-year property revaluation cycles, with full revaluations every 9 years and two statistical revaluations in the third and sixth years 
  • Administer state and local exemption and abatement programs 
  • Maintain records of property ownership for real estate and personal property 
  • Prepare appeal hearings and serve as a liaison for the Assessment Board of Review 
  • Process new surveys for parcels and determine assessment values 
  • Inspection of all building permits 
  • Coordinate with the Town’s GIS Division to maintain and update the Tax Assessor’s plat maps in hard copy and digital format 
  • Provide information and reports to the State of Rhode Island Department of Revenue for certification, new legislation “fiscal impact” inquiries as well as general inquiries 
  • Disseminate information to the general public concerning public records maintained in the Assessor’s Office
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