Facilities Overview

  1. Building Maintenance Staff

    A building maintenance staff person may be required to be present at large functions occurring at the Neighborhood Guild.

  2. Facility Reservations

    The Parks and Recreation Department has a variety of facilities available for family outings, sports events, or special events.

  3. Facility Use Policy

    The following Facility Use Scheduling Policy will be utilized by the Parks and Recreation staff when determining priority usage of Recreation Commission and the town owned recreation facilities.

  4. Fee Schedule

    View the fee schedule of the Facilities of South Kingstown.

  5. Field Maintenance Fees

    A weekday or weekend facility preparation fee may be charged to prepare an athletic field for play for Priority Group #3, # 4 and #5. This fee may vary based on the scope and cost of work to be performed. Fees are reviewed and established by the Recreation Commission on an annual basis.

  6. Healthy Places Map

    View the Healthy Places map to see all of the different facilities and locations of the Parks and Recreation Department.

  7. Locations & Directions

    Get locations and directions to all of the facilities of South Kingstown.