South Kingstown Police Department

2022 SKPD

Mission Statement

The Mission Philosophy of the South Kingstown Police Department is a component of the Department Rules and Regulations, which in accordance with the Town Charter were adopted and approved by the Town Council in August 1987. The mission statement is unique in that in addition to defining the well-accepted principal duties of law enforcement, it also advocates that the Town’s public safety personnel recognize the need to function as community service providers. Officers of the South Kingstown Police Department conduct their professional responsibilities in a disciplined manner pledging to uphold the laws of the Nation, State, Town Code, and Rules and Regulations of the South Kingstown Police Department. The Department is committed to delivering the highest level of police professionalism to the Citizens of South Kingstown in a sensitive and efficient manner within the rule of law which guarantees individual rights to all our citizens.

Department Functions

The primary responsibility of the South Kingstown Police Department is to provide a comprehensive public safety program. Although preservation of peace and protection of lives and property are the principle duties of a police officer, South Kingstown Public Safety Personnel, both sworn and civilian, also function as public service officers responsible for identifying and responding to service needs of all our citizens.

 Principal functions of the Police Department include, but are not limited to:

  • Identify, report, and remove a variety of public safety hazards and to provide assistance to ensure citizen safety at every opportunity.
  • Investigate and prosecute all known criminal offenses.
  • Provide assistance and counseling for a wide range of services from simple street directions to referrals of services of other agencies not provided by police.
  • Address traffic safety issues in the community.
  • Promote traffic safety initiatives through education and enforcement.
  • Police Chief serves as chair of Transportation Traffic Safety Committee.
  • Administer traffic detail program for road projects, etc.
  • Provide public safety dispatch for Police, EMS, and Fire.
  • Interact cooperatively with the South Kingstown School Department, local institutional groups (URI, South County Hospital, and Fire Districts), neighboring police Departments, the RI State Police, multiple State and Federal agencies, and advocacy groups to form partnerships to make South Kingstown a safe community.
  • Work in unison with Town Departments and multiple agencies on community emergency preparedness planning and administration; maintain state of readiness for emergency response; coordinate implementation of emergency evacuation shelters as needed.
  • Recruit and train police officers, and provide training and professional development to all Department personnel.
  • Review and analyze the needs for police service and the efficiency of Departmental operations; promote enhanced administrative, technical and operational police practices.
  • Develop and submit recommended annual operating budget and 6-year capital improvement plan to the Town Manager.
  • Prepare Police Department Annual Report by calendar year to provide transparent reporting of Departmental statistics to the public.