1. Adult Day Services

    The Adult Day Services Program provides an array of supportive services designed to upgrade and increase the activities of daily living for older persons dependent upon continual family support and supervision.

  2. Animal Control

    Animal Control works to enforce all Town and State Laws pertaining to domestic animals and to ensure that all animals in the Town of South Kingstown are treated humanely.

  3. Animal Shelter

    The Town’s Animal Shelter accepts neglected, abandoned, and/or stray dogs, cats, and other domestic animals. The Shelter is committed to improving the quality of life of all strays in its care.

  4. Building Inspection & Zoning

    The Zoning and Building Inspection Department provides information and guidance to residents, realtors, contractors, and attorneys to assist in the navigation of the Town’s Building Codes and Zoning Ordinance.

  5. Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

    The Town's EMS Division provides a town-wide community based emergency medical services program through prevention, education, and response efforts.

  6. Finance

    The Finance Department leads the Town’s financial management efforts and serves the public, Town departments, and all officials of the Town by acting as an information gathering and control center, providing both internal and external reports relative to any financial information involving the Town business in a timely, efficient, and effective manner.

  7. Fire Alarm

    The Fire Alarm Department is charged with the maintenance and operation of the Town’s communications system, having two principal areas of responsibility, specific to the Municipal Cable Plant and the Rhode Island Fire Safety Code.

  8. GIS

    The Town of South Kingstown’s Geographic Information System (SKGIS) Division of the Planning Department provides access to accurate geographic information about the Town as a tool in decision-making for Town government and its citizens.

  9. Harbor Patrol

    The Harbor Patrol, as part of the Town’s Public Safety program, is dedicated to providing for the safety of the boating public on waters located in the Town of South Kingstown.

  10. Library Services

  11. Parks & Recreation

    The Parks and Recreation department was created in 1939 to provide programs and services for our community. The Department is proud to serve the needs of the community through providing quality parks and facilities and by offering life long learning through recreational and cultural programs.

  12. Personnel

    The Personnel Division assists the Town Manager with the administration of the Town's human resource related services and programs.

  13. Planning

    The Department works to guide the community's short and long range planning and development, providing staff support to several Town boards and commissions, including the Planning Board.

  14. Police

    The Police Department is committed to delivering the highest level of police professionalism to the Citizens of South Kingstown in a sensitive and efficient manner within the rule of law which guarantees individual rights to all our citizens.

  15. Public Works & Utilities

    The Department of Public Services oversees the public works and utility programs for the Town. The Department includes several divisions including Engineering, Highway, Water, Wastewater, and Solid Waste.

  16. Purchasing

    The Office of Purchasing was established to administer the Town's purchasing policies. The Office has continued to expand as the file and records maintenance library for any purchasing related documents (e.g. bidding records, contracts, checklists, bonds, certificates of insurance).

  17. Senior Services

    The Senior Services Department oversees the Town’s programming and services available to seniors and their caregivers. The Department operates four direct service programs: Transportation, Nutrition, Adult Day Services, and a nationally accredited Senior Services Center.

  18. Tax Collector

    The Tax Collector’s Office is responsible for the collection of all taxes including real estate, personal property, and motor vehicle, user fees for Town utilities, and payment for invoices issued for Adult Day Services .

  19. Technology

    The Information Technology (IT) Division provides all Town Departments with technological assistance, uniformity, and control in the analysis, design, development, and functionality of all technology related projects and computer system services.

  20. Town Assessor

    The Town Assessor's Office provides for the orderly valuation of all real estate, motor vehicles, and tangible personal property located within the Town.

  21. Town Clerk

    The Town Clerk’s Office provides for the timely, efficient, and accurate processing, according to applicable state and local laws, of documents preserving past and present vital information required to ensure a sound-functioning government while being ever mindful of neutrality and impartiality, rendering equal, courteous service to all.

  22. Town Manager

    The Town Manager’s Office provides for general administrative management, policy direction, and oversight of municipal departments and operations.

  23. Town Solicitor

    The Town Solicitor provides legal assistance and advice to the Town Council, Town Manager, Town staff, and Town boards and commissions.